About Our Troop

Malvern Troop 7 is one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in Chester County, formed in 1916 even before Chester County Council came into existence. Originally named Malvern Troop 1, the current Troop number 7 was assigned when Chester County Council was founded and organized the troops in the area. Through the years Troop 7 has been sponsored by various civic organizations, including the Malvern Fire Company. St. Patrick’s has been the charter organization for many years now. A list of the Eagle Scouts from Troop 7 is contained in Appendix A of our Handbook (see Member Center).

Malvern Troop 1

Malvern Troop 1 in 1919

During the 1950’s the community of Malvern got together and decided to build a cabin on the memorial grounds to be used by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Eventually the Girl Scouts chose not to use the cabin and the cabin is used by the boys of Boy Scout Troop 7 and Cub Pack 7. The use of the cabin provides many opportunities for activities that would not normally be available at a traditional location. The land where the cabin sits is owned by the Malvern Memorial Association, which owns the baseball fields as well as the memorial grounds commemorating the Paoli Massacre during the American Revolution. The cabin is funded by the Malvern Memorial Cabin Association, which is a group of parents from the Troop and the Pack.

During the 1980’s the activity in the Troop began to dwindle. By 1994, in actuality, the Troop continued to exist on paper, however the Cub Pack 7 was flourishing. In 1994 a number of leaders of the older boys in the Pack enrolled in the Scoutmaster Fundamentals training course. They formed the committee and by 1995, the Troop was active again with eight new scouts. Today the troop is flourishing with over 30 scouts of all ranks.